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In memory of THL Wolfgang Starcke, Guildmaster from 2014 to 2017, the Guild is assembling a SCAdian brewing book. Of you we ask to please share with us your recipes – help us remember Wolfgang as we hope he would appreciate.

To find out more about this project or to submit a recipe, visit our Cookbook page. If you wish to submit a photo to be used in the book, you can email the photo to brewers_guild AT Please include your legal and SCA name, and a copy of the filled out Photographer Grant of Use and (if applicable) Model Release forms.

The Guild is seeking volunteers for two positions.

  • Amarian: Responsible for maintaining the guild's electronic library.
  • Region 5 Deputy: ...because Elska is now the Guildmaster
You may check out the Governing Documents page (also linked on the left of this page) for detailed job descriptions.

The Crowns' largesse coordinator is constantly seeking gifts that can be given by Their Majesties in gift baskets to foreign dignitaries, as tokens of appreciation to the populace, or as comestibles at social events. Small bottles of home brewed beverages make excellent largesse gifts.

Historical Happenings

Jul-Aug 22: The Guild once again provides open bar service in AEthelmearc Royal during Pennsic, receiving rave reviews from royalty and populace alike.
16 Jul 22: At the Barony of St. Swithin's Bog Three-Day, Ulf Bareleg was inducted into the Order of the Fleur d'AEthelmearc for his excellence in brewing.
9 Jul 22: At Pax Interruptus, Their Majesties elevated Cristina inghean Ghriogair to the Order of the Laurel, largely because of her embroidery, but one cannot ignore her excellent vintning when discussing her affinity for the arts and sciences.
May 22: Although the Grand Beverage Showcase and Social was not held at War Practice this year, the Guild was still out in force providing beverages during royal court and during a bardic competition.
24 Apr 22: After five years as Guildmaster (and three years as a regional deputy), Madoc Arundel is stepping down from the guild leadership. The position of Guildmaster will be filled by Elska á Fjárfelli - up until now the Region 5 Deputy. She will be assisted by Violeta de Valencia (former head of the BMDL baronial guild) as the Deputy Guildmaster. We wish to thank Master Madoc for his hard work in building on his predecessors vision and we look forward to Mistress Elska's and THL Violeta's leadership taking us to the next level of innovation in historical brewing.
7 Apr 22: The guild was twice blessed by the kindness of Their Majesties who hosted a fundraiser for the guild at Their Coronation as well as donating items for a "flea market" fundraiser at Beer & Bacon Bash. The money raised will go largely toward funding the ability of the guild to operate their mini-bar at War Practice and Pennsic.
13 Jun 20: BMDL Brewers Guild holds a socially distanced tasting meeting.
4 Apr 20: TRMs Maynard and Liadain induct Hundr-þorir called the Pintsman into the Order of the Sycamore for excellence in brewing.
18 Jan 20: BMDL 12th Night was once again the site of one of the most prolific Tasters' Taverns on the kingdom calendar. The Debatable Brewers once again provided a variety of tasty treats along with a tasting challenge for party goers. Two or three "guest hosts" provided additional libations. All told, about 10 gallons of beer and another 5 or 6 gallons of assorted meads and wines were served.
11 Jan 20: Kingdom 12th Night saw Meistr Madoc and Lord Ulf providing beer and hard cider for revellers. Lord Ulf was inducted into the Order of the Howling Wolf, and Their Majesties declared that for the duration of their reign, it should be known as the Howling Ulf.
27 Sep 19: Harvest Raid saw the Guild supporting the Friday night party and vigil for Duchess Siobhan. About 20-gallons of homemade beverages were spotlighted on the open bar.
Aug 19: Pennsic War saw a reprise of the guild-sponsored open bar in AE Royal. BMDL, Endless Hills, Horse Piss Tavern, Myrkie Meadhers, and a host of individuals from across the kingdom showed up throughout War Week to provide bartenders and product under the supervision of Lady Cairdha Eilis. The bar supported the Pennsic half-marathon, royal court, several private activities, and (of course) the kingdom party in addition to being open nightly for casual sampling.

Mistress Elska and Lord Ulf led a demonstration of Stone Age stone beer brewing on middle Saturday that attracted much positive attention from across the Known World. Master Madoc and Lord Ulf supported Master Hrolf's vigil with brewed beverages of both the hard and soft variety.

Her Majesty Juliana sponsored the first Royal Brewer competition that was won by Lord Ulf.
17 May 19: Three fantastic activities the Friday night of War Practice: First, the results of the Ulfbrau Challenge. Seven brewers had taken up the challenge, and came to share their stories and their beverages with the crowd. This was followed by Duchess Anna Leigh's Grand Beverage Showcase, in which three guilds: Brewers, Apothecary, and Cooks - judged all types of beverages. Young Simon a Fjarfelli took the Cook's with his homemade rootbeer. Baron Rauthbjorn won the Brewer's with his raspberry kvass. Magdalena Txoperena de Guerra took the Apothecary's with her limoncello. Finally, the "social" portion of the Grand Beverage Showcase and Social, which lasted all the way up until the drizzle started. This included a "populace choice" among all of the beverages from whatever source. The populace choice was an overwhelming win for the Horse Piss Tavern. Also, Madoc took Hundr-þorir as an apprentice.
20 Apr 19: Beer & Bacon Bash saw the Region 2 Brewing Championship and Brewing Open. Lord Hundr-þorir the Pintsman won both the Regional Championship and the Open with a mint metheglin.
9 Feb 19: Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins saw the Region 5 Brewing Championship and Brewing Open. THL Robert of Ferness won the Regional Championship with a rauchbier. Master Gille won the Open with a 14th century braggot.
12 Jan 19: BMDL 12th Night... and the BMDL baronial guild showed up in force. They brought a variety of wines and meads, including a science experiment enjoyed by dozens of quaffers. They even had a gluten-reduced beer, named in honor of His Excellency Bran Dubhe. Product and/or bar service by Alysoun, Absalon, Nohaaj, Tofi, Pavel, Asvald, Jorundr, Muirgheal, Ronan, and Job. Guest beverages by Madoc.
5 Jan 19: Kingdom 12th Night saw Madoc, Ulf, and Nohaaj stocking a real bar at an awesome site. Quaffers drained about 18 gallons of beer and a handful of bottles of mead. Madoc took Ulf as an apprentice.

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