Points for Participation

One of the principle purposes of the Guild is to promote participation in brewing and related activities by people throughout the kingdom. In an effort to encourage more people to reach out and try new things, we have instituted a points system by which we can gauge individuals' level of achievement throughout the year. Modelled after the achievement profiles used by the thrown weapons and archery communities, this system has been adapted for our peculiar needs.

Points are awarded to each guild member based on their participation in any number of brewing related activities (listed below.) It is up to each individual to ensure that their participation in these activities is reported to the Guildmaaster or one of the Regional Deputies; although we will make every effort to record attendees at classes, round tables, and competitions. The point tally works on a rolling twelve-month calendar. This means there is no penalty for starting at any time during the year - the 12-month cycle for each individual starts on the date of their very first recorded activity.

Points are earned for the following activities (note that "competition" refers to any A&S competition that includes brewing as a possible entry, whereas "brewing competition" refers to a specific competition limited to brewing. For the purpose of this list, brewing refers to any potable beverage created using yeast to convert sugars to ethyl alcohols):

  • Participating with a brewing project in an A&S display = 1 point

  • Entering a brewing project in a local/baronial competition = 2 points

  • Entering a brewing project in a Regional Championship = 3 points

  • Entering a brewing project in a Kingdom-level competition = 4 points

  • Winning any brewing competition = 2 additional points

  • Hosting / Stewarding a brewing competition = 3 points

  • Judging a brewing competition = 2 points

  • Attending a brewers' round table discussion = 1 point

  • Hosting a brewers' round table discussion = 2 points

  • Attending a brewing class = 1 point

  • Teaching a brewing class = 3 points

  • Contributing brewed products to a Guild-sponsored social event (party, tavern, etc.) = 3 points

  • Contributing brewed products to Largesse = 2 points

  • Publishing research or documentation of a brewing or brewing related topic:

    • as part of a competition, round table, or other brewing-related activity = 1 point (note: this does not include the documentation for a brewing entry. This includes papers submitted separately for consideration on their own merit.)

    • as an article in or contribution to a SCA resource (e.g. Gazette, Stefan's Florilegium, Guild website) = 2 points

    • as a separate publication (e.g. Complete Anachronist) = 3 points

Each month, the oldest month's points will fall off the tally and the most recent month's points will be added. If at any time in the rolling cycle, a brewer achieves a new target threshold, the new rank will be awarded. Individuals achieving the target thresholds will receive a token indicating their highest rank achieved.

1-6 points: Novice Brewer

7-13 points: Neophyte Brewer

14-21 points: Tradesman Brewer

22-30 points: Artisan Brewer

31+ points: Grandmaster Brewer

Jorundr, Alysoun, and Madoc tending the tavern at BMDL 12th Night

Borderwatch Brewers Caolifhion, Tarl, and Ottilige man the bar at ∆ Royal during Pennsic

Gille, Madoc, and Morgana at a Harvest Raid brewers' roundtable

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