According to sources, the guild can trace it's roots back to a time when AEthelmearc was still a principality. However, the original charter has been lost to the sands of time. A new charter was signed by Marcus & Margerite in AS 51 reflecting the current state and responsibilities of the Guild as they have developed over time. The charter scroll can be seen here. The more detailed MS Word charter is available on request.

There are many different types and levels of competition in which brewers, vintners, and meadhers can compete. There are local, regional, and kingdom level competitions. There are general A&S competitions and brewing-specific competitions. There are competitions hosted by the Guild, local groups, or even individuals. In each case, being prepared for the competition is key. Visit the Competition Corner for everything you need to organize, judge, or enter a brewing competition within AEthelmearc.


  • Guild Head: Meistr Madoc Arundel - madoc DOT arundel AT live DOT com
  • Guild Representative, Region 1 (West Virginia): VACANT - please contact Madoc if you are interested in the position.
  • Guild Representative, Region 2 (Western PA): Lady Cairdha Eilis ” Coileain - the_mood_dragon AT yahoo DOT com
  • Guild Representative, Region 3 (Central PA): Master Gille MacDhnouill - whutchis AT gmail DOT com
  • Guild Representative, Region 4 (Western NY): THL Robert l'…tourdi - meyer_rm AT yahoo DOT com
  • Guild Representative, Region 5 (Central NY): Mistress Elska Š FjŠrfelli - susanverberg AT gmail DOT com

Anyone who is interested in brewing is welcome to join regardless of your level of experience - so whether you are just learning to brew, have been homebrewing for years, or are a professional brewer, you are welcome as a member of the guild. Members should also be citizens of AEthelmearc, or at least really like our Kingdom. There are currently no membership dues or official inductions - anyone may consider themselves a member provided they have met the aforementioned requirements.

Fund Raisers
An increase in formal Guild support for kingdom and regional activities means that some equipment must be purchased and maintained, and expendables such as ice must be purchased. SCA policy prohibits any group from spending official SCA funds on alcohol. However, the Kingdom Exchequer has stated that private funds may be raised and spent where SCA funds cannot be. Our most common fund raising activity has been to simply put out a tip jar at Pennsic. The last two years, we have also sold commemorative plastic cups, and we have had one run of t-shirts in the past. If you have ideas fund raising activities for the Guild or you have expenses for Guild-sponsored activities with which you need assistance, contact any regional representative or the Guild president and we will see what we might be able to do.

Contact List
Find us on Facebook: If you're interested in general conversation about anything brewing related, just want to talk about what you've got brewing, or want up to the minute updates on group activities, join the group here!

We also maintain a Yahoo group for articles and file sharing between members of the guild. Anyone interested is welcome to join us here!.

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